Tai Ngao Jan (ใต้เงาจันทร์) (2015)

Tai Ngao Jan (ใต้เงาจันทร์) (2015)


Paboo (Margie) is a spoiled/ rebellious woman who never puts any effort into doing her best at anything. Her parents became divorced when she was young. Her father remarried and had another daughter. They sent Paboo off to boarding school so Paboo felt like she was never a part of their new family. After spending 10 years studying abroad, Paboo returned back to Thailand but didn’t even finish any of her studies.

Other Name: Tai Ngao Jan (ใต้เงาจันทร์)

Released: Jun. 08, 2015

Cast: N/A

Tai Ngao Jan (ใต้เงาจันทร์) (2015) trailer:

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